W Bangkok Review

The Mister and I wanted to celebrate our ninth anniversary, so we decided to stay one night at the W Bangkok. (This is not a wedding anniversary, but the day that I decided to forgo all logic and date a British man.)

This was my first time to stay at a W, and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve only heard that they are very trendy and hip. When you first enter the hotel, there’s quite a lot going on visually. To the left is the bar, straight ahead is the check-in counter, to the right there are stairs and a desk with “Whatever Whenever”. (Go there if you need information.)

The check-in went smoothly. All guests are served here, so there’s no separate area for Platinum members.

The W doesn’t have a lounge for happy hour or evening snacks, but we were given two vouchers for a free cocktail in the bar. And breakfast was included as part of the platinum benefits.

The process was quick and our room was upgraded to a suite located on 21F.  When you enter the room, the bathroom is immediately to the right, so you can see the tub and a portion of the room. The toilet has a separate door, but the shower, tub, and sink have a curtain for privacy. Sadly, it is not covered in sequins like the shower curtain.


The bed was decorated with pink and purple balloons for Anniversary 9.

The gold Muay Thai boxing gloves are part of the normal decorations.

In fact, the entire hotel has a boxing theme. This is one way the W will differ from a Westin or Sheraton; you’d never see gold sequin boxing gloves as part of their décor, but it fits with the vibe of the W. And exploring these differences in SPG properties is part of the thrill.

The duvet cover was decorated with boxing dragons and other mythical creatures. In front of the bed is a leather lounger and a small coffee table, and next to the window is a desk with a phone, lamp, etc.

And as an anniversary gift, they gave us four mini cupcakes and a bottle of wine!

The minibar is next to the wall-mounted tv.

Like most hotels, there’s a book or guide with information about the hotel. But at the W, the info is on colorful post-it notes labeled “Take Me Down”. Simply take the post-it to the spa, bar, or restaurant to get the deal.

That was very helpful. But you know what’s not that helpful? Lights that are operated with a tablet. In theory this is a great idea because the device is next to the bed and it’s convenient if nature calls in the middle of the night. But the device wasn’t that sensitive to touch and it took forever to figure out the different settings.

After fiddling with the lights, we explored the hotel.

The pool, gym, and spa are on 6F. The pool or Wet as it’s called at the W is about 200 square meters, so it’s a good size. There are several lounge chairs, a few couches and day beds and a bar.

Fit Gym is spacious with lots of equipment, and like the pool, it’s open 24 hours.

Away Spa looked very relaxing, but no pics since I did not indulge in a massage.

Later, we popped down to Woobar to enjoy a few relaxing libations.

I ordered a Chor Muang. The vibrant purple color and the flavors of the butterfly pea infused raspberry vodka and lime juice were excellent. Just writing “butterfly pea infused raspberry vodka” is fun. And then they went and garnished it with a flower and gold dust. This drink did not disappoint – over the top at its best!

The husband had something that was green with a yellow marshmallow. Not nearly as fun to write, but it tasted ok.

Drinking. ✅

Dinner. ✅

Sleeping soundly because the bed is so comfy. ✅

The next morning we went to The Kitchen Table on 2F for the breakfast buffet.

The restaurant is spacious and has a balcony. Since Bangkok wasn’t hot on this particular morning, we sat outside and watched the city go by. Since we were only on the second floor, you feel like you’re in a futuristic movie whenever the Sky Train passes overhead.

The food selection was varied, with everything ranging from cereal, bread, fresh fruit & vegetables, to noodles, bacon, pancakes, dim sum, and cold cuts. Once you’re settled, a server will come to take your egg order. Everyone can easily find something to enjoy at this buffet.

For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, we enjoyed the laziness that comes along with a late checkout. After all, the best part of a staycation is not having to rush to check out at noon.
I was pleased with this hotel. I’d like to experience another W in a different city. But I’d certainly go back to Woobar one evening since we live here.

This is a Category 4 SPG property. We stayed using using Cash & Points for 5,000 points/night plus US$75. A free night can be booked for 10,000 Starpoints, or paid rates at the hotel typically start around 6,400 THB/night (US$182/night).

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